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A temporary escape from reality filled with silly fantasies and wishful thinking.
Experiencing the world through daydreams ~

  • Friday by IU
  • Winterplay _ 꿈에서 본 거리 by TK Lee
  • Tonight, I'm Afraid Of The Dark (오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요) Cover by 10cm
  • ¸¸¾à¿¡ ¸»¾ß (Àü¿ì¼º Solo) by ³ëÀ»
  • Juliette by Standing Egg
  • Clover 붉은 달(Feat. 소히) by foreae
  • Can't Go On My Own (Feat. 김진표) by Clazziquai
  • It Was You (Bonus Track) by BrotherSu
  • Winterplay _ On Sunday by TK Lee
  • Goodbye 20 by 김예림 (Lim Kim)
  • 싫은 날 (Bad Day) by IU
  • Raining In Amsterdam by thermanator1
  • 나르샤 I'm in love by hyewonny
  • 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 (With Ra.D) (Acoustic ver.) (2011.01.17) by 스탠딩 에그(Standing Egg)
14 tracks
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