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Just Breathe

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This is awesome and i love it and woah look at this i made a playlist with almost the exact same name with a similar gif WHAT ( but yes awesome music your playlists are underrated :)

@Doc Vibe I love your musical taste as well, your playlists are so on point! I hadn't listened to my mix in a long time, I posted it in 2012, it was my first mix :) But seriously though, your high contrast bass series is on point, Polish Ambassador, Tipper, Bassnectar....Always amazing. I hope you have a great evening, and I look forward to your future mixes!

@Meelzonwheelzz Thanks :D its a struggle because the first Interstellar Ambassador was such a huge hit i never feel like im making good enough playlists - so ive just sort of become obsessed with making playlists all the time now- im never not playing music.. its become a good way to discover tons of new stuff and im listening to more of your playlists now and i love all of it - - - keep being awesome! i love it when somebody likes the same music as me and you did before i even knew about 8tracks!