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a fanmix for commander shepard, savior of the galaxy.

"Thing is, you never heard a complaint. Never once got 'No, sir. I can't do that.' She never hesitated. Soldiers like the Commander are rare. Women like Shepard... even more rare."

20 tracks
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OK I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS and it sounds completely unbelievable but I swear it 100% happened. And the story won't be as funny as it was in real life. But basically I was playing ME2 while listening to this playlist, and it fit the whole ending PER-FECT-LY; THE TIMING WAS AMAZING. But the highlight was when we [[spoiler]] escaped the reaper, and we were getting out of there as the beginning [which is a slow verse] of "Vindicated" came on, and LITERALLY RIGHT AS THE REAPER EXPLODED BEHIND, US THE CHORUS STARTED BLASTING! "VINDICATED!!" It was seriously perfect timing and the funniest thing; I had to pause the game while my husband and I cried laughing. Thank you, bless you for bringing us this joy.

Oh my god, This MIX IS PERFECT! I shall play it everyday until I get bored which will likely never happen. Thank you for creating such a mix.

Aww I miss my femshep. Exams are coming up and this mix has given me an itch to replay the whole trilogy again! Thank you/Damn you. Such an awesome mix!

This is easily one of my favorite playlists so far. I really enjoy that I haven't heard most of these songs before, but they all fit perfectly.

Gorgeous mix; I especially love "Blood On My Name" & "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo. Great taste and even better relation to Shepherd. Well done.