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It's a Whole New World


"Strong pokemon. Weak pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."
- Karen

Art from:

  • Pokémon Heart Gold Opening by JTemps52
  • New Bark Town Orchestrated by Pokemon Gold/Silver
  • Professor Elm's Lab (Piano Solo) by POKEMON Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • Route 29 by arrangement
  • Johto Wild Pokémon Battle (1999~2001-M18) by Pokémon Anime BGM
  • Cherrygrove City by hgsssoundtrack
  • Route 30 by Pokemon Gameboy Music
  • Pokemon- TV Theme Song (Full) by Pokemon
  • Dark Cave:Ice Path Remastered by Pokemon Remix
  • Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal Violet/Olivine City REMIX!! by Jugebox98
  • Sprout Tower (Pokemon World Online) by Hitmanlee
  • Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heart Gold/Soul Silver Johto Gym Remix by TheBassinator5000
  • Ruins Of Alph Theme by JackMart
  • Azalea Town ReOrchestration by Pokemon G/S
  • Rival Battle Theme (01-01-2011 Remix) by Pokémon Gold & Silver
  • Pokemon Silver Gold Crystal Goldenrod City by
  • Pokemon Gold/Sliver: Game Corner by JoenickROS
  • National Park Reorchestrated by Pokemon Gold Silver
  • Ecruteak City エンジュシティのテーマ by Pokemon Gold/Silver
  • Dance Theatre by pokemon gsc
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  • Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal by Team Rocket Battle
  • Route 38 by pokemon
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  • Pokemon Gold/Silver Surf Theme by zzzlkdjfkdslfjsdc
  • Route 42 by Pokemon Gameboy Music
  • Dragon's Den by Pokemon CrystalDust
  • V.S. Johto Champion by Pokemon
  • Pokémon Gold/Silver Ending Theme Arrangement by zephyrbadge
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