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Power Up!

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"Maybe there's something to be said about being different. We are who we are. What more could we ask for?"
- Roll (Mega Man)

  • MegaMan by Megaman
  • Mega Man 1: Gutsman Stage Theme by CptPoborca
  • Changig Tides (Stereo) by The Ventures
  • Fireman Stage Cover by Yue by Megaman
  • Megaman 2 Bubbleman Theme Remake by Jean Andre Flugheim
  • Airman (Megaman 2) by BitCrusher.
  • Quick Man by Mega Man 2
  • Crashman by (8/2012) Megaman
  • Megaman2_Heatman stage_Guitar arrange by Usheray
  • Megaman III (Yasuaki Fujita) MSX Cover by Sparkman
  • Synthetic Shadow (Shadowman) by Shannon Partridge
  • Gemini Man (Original) by Shannon Partridge
  • DIVEMAN STAGE by user696030880
  • megaman IV skullman by fuzxultimate
  • Brightman by Megaman 4
  • Gravityman Stage by Megaman V
  • Megaman V - Starman Stage by MrCogu2
  • Wave Man Mega Man 5 (Cover) by Néstor Bárcenas
  • Charge Man by MegaMan V
  • Sonic Style by BlizzardMan (MegaMan 6)
  • WindMan by MegaMan6
  • Megaman Flameman by Henrique Kapazi
  • Megaman VI Music Tomahawk Man by bruno32
  • Plantman by Los Coulters
  • Cloudman Stage by Megaman 7
  • MegaMan 7- FreezeMan by MissCorielsVGMusicRequest
  • Super Smash Bros 4. 3DS Music by Megaman 2/Dr.Wily Stage Remix
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1 comment on Power Up!

Hey, What happened to your pokemon playlist?!? That thing was amazing! I was trying to show someone it right now and had to google search it.

@Silent Radio Sorry, I used to many songs from the same person and it got unpublished! I fixed it up and republished it. Also thanks for liking it so much!!