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Master of all Technology


Okay so this is a mix that I started to put together while on the 24 hour car ride from college to my house. It's largely remixes and songs about general tech. things. I kinda just threw it together and am now thinking - looking at it - that I might make a better one later -. I apologize in advance.

Technus just needs a little more love.
..He's such a dork.

  • The Crystal Method from TRON- Legacy Reconfigured by The Grid
  • Energy by Nuša Derenda
  • Roboballad by Zircon
  • Technologic [Fool Remix] by Daft Punk
  • Starchaser by Coyote Kisses
  • Automatonic Electronic Harmonic Remix by Steam Powered Giraffe
  • Burning Sun by Helloween
  • Mona Lisa Overdrive by Juno Reactor
  • Madness 7 by Volter Darkus
  • Ghosts N' Stuff by trizzlemynizzle
10 tracks
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