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Four tracks including music by Chocolate, Genevieve Atkerson, and Jeremy Passion.

  • Creep [ Radiohead ukulele cover] by Genevieve Atkerson
  • Lemonade (Ukulele Version) by janwong
  • We Cant Stop (ukulele cover) by PiaVillaflor
  • Sweater Weather(Ukulele cover) by daraflorus
  • Gives You Hell (All-American Rejects ukulele cover) by Aria Clemente
  • Sunday Morning (ukulele cover) ft. Angela Bueno by Jean Divinagracia
  • Don't Know Why (ukulele cover) Reneé Dominique by Norah Jones
  • You And I (ukulele cover) by thatemilytablizo
8 tracks