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Film Music.


Extra credit project for class; Choose 10 music pieces from films you love.
Includes music from movies Amélie, Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands, American Beauty and more.

9 tracks
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1. Little Miss Sunshine; La Llorona-Devotchka
2. Eyes Wide Shut; Waltz No. 2-Dmitri Shostakovich
3. Edward Scissorhands; Ice Dance-Danny Elfman
4. Donnie Darko; Liquid Spear Waltz-Michael Andrews
5. Amélie; Sur Le Fil-Yann Tiersen
6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Theme-Jon Brion
7. American Beauty; Plastic Bag Theme-Thomas Newman
8. The Assassination of Jesse James; Song For Jesse-Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
9. Requiem For A Dream; Lux Aeterna-Clint Mansell
10. Cast Away; End Credits-Alan Silvestri