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Presque vu


An eclectic blend of music that all have something to do with each other, but I haven't figured out what.

Recommendations and suggestions are appreciated in the comments!

  • Gypsy Jynweythek (Crystal Waters x Aphex Twin) by Matsu & Take
  • Shiki no Uta by Samurai Champloo
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  • Yoshida Brothers, Vol. 2 by Yoshida Brothers
  • Gratuitous Grace III (As the Bird Flies) by Erothyme
  • Daisuke by El Huervo feat. Shelby Cinca
  • Iambic 9 Poetry by Squarepusher
    Original artist: Squarepusher
  • 12 Morning.mp3 by Hauschka
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [live] by Piano in a Living Room
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