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live! in your shower


blast it loud and sing along at the top of your lungs! it's a concert for your showering pleasure, featuring the likes of awolnation, 3oh!3, and maroon 5.
a companion for vineyard's sud up! (next mix)

it's been a while, and 8tracks has an app now, but lmk if you're still interested in a DL link (:

23 tracks
2 comments on live! in your shower

Love love love the playlist! I personally listened to it in the shower and danced around like a loooooon!
But if you stayed in the shower for the whole playmix you would be very very wrinkly ;)

thank you so much! ♥ i looove dancing like a loon the shower (: definitely one of my favorite pastimes.
true; you would get very pruney. but that's the beauty of a portable music player!