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You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Sam, this mix is our way of saying we are glad to call you a friend. We love you.

- Meg, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Kent, Peter, Lindsay, Will, Brooke, Sidekick, Spacebunny, Beril, Kwan, Christine, Foster, Shelley, Stotes, Renata, Bryan, Matt, Matt, Tom, Andy, Paco, Jayce, Paul, and Nico.

33 tracks
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I love the title of this playlist. I'm not sure if it was meant in the same way that I'm interpreting it, but it's true.

@David_rees Thanks again! This mix is an odd compilation I curated; over 26 friends of @Samuel_peterson contributed to the making of this mix for his birthday-- hence 36 years a slave. However, if you were able to glean a different meaning from it for yourself, I'm happy-- that is what makes art and music and words so intensely personal and ethereal. As far as the mix goes, I think it turned out pretty well for such an odd assortment. Glad you liked it; hope you made it to the end. :)

@Samuel_peterson @Samuel_peterson Too harsh? OK; don't get sad! Here's a bonus track for you: [update: this is where your bonus track would be if I could post a link to it, but since the site won't allow me, this is where you look up the track "Looking Good (Instrumental)" by Magic Sam]. From one Magic Sam to another!

@dj_dim-mak . Thanks! I didn't annotate the dedications or names of people here; I gave Sam a spread sheet of liner notes so that he could read privately as he listened.