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1989 world tour.


1989 world tour
real set list and speeches.
last updated: august 26th, 2015.

there is lots of screaming and some are harder to hear but i will update it as much as i can and improve it.


she has been switching up the songs after she sings clean too!! she has done acoustic versions of you belong with me, holy ground, wonderland, fifteen, and mean (those are the ones i remember) but there is NOT a lot of videos out yet, so i am trying to find them!! along with the special guests she's had so far like lorde, nick jonas, echosmith, and the weeknd!

i am trying to find more of the speeches and better audios !!!

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Welcome to New York wasn't in Death Valley, it was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lol that was my concert and I got so excited when she said it.

Where is your artwork form? Id like to use it for something but i want to credit the artist... message me extrachange on tumblr