Is this playlist safe for work?


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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on this silly thing!! Just a heads up: BOTH Solas songs have changed. The romance song (Once Upon a Dream) is FINALLY FINALLY the original Sleeping Beauty version, not the Lana Del Ray cover. Additionally, his normal song is now "It's Tough to Be a God" rather than "A Whole New World." It was the one I wanted to give him originally, but I decided against it at the time because I wanted this playlist to be 100% Disney. But after Trespasser and over a year of not being super happy with his song, I decided there aren't really any rules I need to follow and threw in a DreamWorks song because WHY NOT. Anyway, hope everyone is okay with the changes!

Everything was fine until "When She Loved Me" came on. I'm bawling. How dare you remind me of that scene. I love everything about this but how dare you