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Harry's Tweets


Here are all the songs that Harry has tweeted lyrics from (I found the idea and list on instagram) I couldn't find some of the songs so sorry about that too! *THIS TRACK WAS REQUESTED* im missing like 5 songs

  • YouTube by Bruno Mars
  • Fire and Rain (James Taylor) by Dr. Ben Studios
  • Back Down South by Kings of Leon
  • The 1975 Chocolate by
  • Comes A Time by Adrian Chan 1
  • God Only Knows (Beach Boys) by Ringo Flapjacks
  • Just Keep Walking by csmcollege
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash by rollingstoners
  • The City by The 1975
  • Joni Mitchell Ensemble by My Old Man
  • Tupelo Honey by tightfit
  • The Avenger by Shangri-La
  • Manic Monday by dollfaceforhire
  • How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning cover by Dean Martin
  • My winding wheel (Ryan Adams) by The Main Act!
15 tracks
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