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music is my secret #1

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the autumns “the end”
otis taylor “house of the crosses”
frank morey “bad like jesse james”
the black heart procession “the waiter”
vic chesnutt “the mad passion of the stoic”
ray lamontagne “be here now”
bruce cockburn “in the falling dark”
eric wood “out of the blues”
bondega “sometimes”
richard hawley “last orders”

juwels for a caribou “smog in the fog”
annie hall “walk around”
spain “spiritual”
ray la montagne “i still care for you”
mark lanegan “carry home”
grant lee buffalo “fuzzy”
midnight choir “long time ago”
phosphorescent “a picture of our torn up praise”
bo ramsey “can’t sleep”
the walkabouts “disamistade”
jay farrar & benjamin gibbard “willamine”
willard grant cospiracy “the ghost of the girl in the well”
stuart a. staples “marseilles sunshine”y secret #1
nick cave & warren ellis “rather lovely thing”
nick cave & warren ellis “the proposition #1”