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Forever awkward and learning.


Hi Harnidh. This mix is for you. Keep illuminating everyone's life as you've always done.

Thank you for everything.

photo credits: osamu yokonami.

11 tracks
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Yours is the only approval I needed. I'm glad I could calm the tempest in you at least once and I hope this will be a more healthy alternative to rum and ciggs. :P Now if only this mix also inspires you to produce more magic with your words, there'd be nothing like it.

I realised I haven't commented here, only when I opened it on my laptop. This just encompasses so much I've been feeling, and so much I've been wanting to express, but to no avail. Words are all i have, and they deserted me in times of dire need. Thank you, thank you so much for filling that void with music that really did heal me somewhat. Really :)