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the angsty donut boy

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@hearthadley SKSKSKSK THANK YOU,, it's been sitting in my unlisted forever then i got in a lars shift and im just like,, fuck it imma post

@hearthadley OMG NO THATS NOT WEIRD ITS SO SWEET ;u; thank you so much!! tweek is my favorite too, a huge comfort character for me

@hearthadley AAA ilyt!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would ask 4 ur contact info but like..................... i got everything stripped away frm me which is. fun. :,,) the computer im doin this on only allows 8tracks and school shit everything else is blocked lmfao. im. maximum sufferin

@melatonins shiitt im so sorry? im as active as i can be on here so hmu if u need anything dude!! i'll still consider you a friend without a doubt