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The Beast Within


A mix for the omegaverse trope found in many a fic. Here's a primer if you don't know what it's all about:

This mix in particular is inspired by John/Sherlock omegaverse fics, but whatever rocks your boat!

Um, this came out to be way more romantic than sexy, so.

track list:

14 tracks
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This mix is fucking awesome! You are awesome. I haven't read many Johnlock omegaverse stories. Do you have a favorite you would recommend?

Thanks so much! ♥ Oh, man, umm, hmm... if I had to pick just a few of my favorites (at AO3): "Seven Moons" by ladyflowdi, the "Serviceman" series by PrettyArbitrary, "Glass, Tempered Steel" by augustbird, "Drouk" by Alma_Anor & merripestin, aaaaand songlin and berlynn_wohl have some pretty fantastic omegaverse stuff, too. Heed the warnings posted on their fics before you read, though! Lots of dubious consent and a touch of mpreg here and there, but all extremely well-written, I assure you.