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Let HeR CrY ...

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This will be the lasttime iill listen to this. This is good bye forever babe. I'm sorry I couldnt be enough for you. I was enough for anyone eveer. I can't do that pain anymore. You were helping me through it, and you should of just drove a fucking knife through my chest because it would of felt better then hearing you say what you had to say. I love you so much Melissa Dawn. I would of , and tried to do everything for you. But i am done girl. You'll never have to see my face again. Just know I thought the world of you. This is good bye liss. Sweet dreams babe, see you on the other side<3

Babe, The last few days I've been so fucking stressed, depressed. Tears in my eyes, I just need to get this off my chest Turning to these drugs now, feeling numb now, It's like a downward spiral, This shits got me suicidal. Babygirl , I can't even get mad that your gone, you always taught me to stay strong. But I'm just a fucking wreck, don't even deserve your respect. Soon as I get home and close the door I hit the floor. I act like what you say don't faze me, but girl this is all driving me crazy. And I can say I don't want to try, but we both know that's a lie. My heart is torn, Haven't felt this way since before lil man was born. I beg you to stay, then scream for you to go, why we putting on this fucking show? It's like one step forward and two steps back, Maybe it's the trust we lack? But we both fucked that up eh girl, The thought of you with her makes me want to fucking hurl. And your right babe, what I did was wrong, but I'm so tired of being the only one to have to stay strong. I love you, I hate you, we fight till were black n blue. What's the point in this? What do you really want liss? You can act like this don't hurt you, but I know that ain't true. Why we playin these games? Sick and tired of getting called all these names. And uh what's that you miss me? I miss you too girl it ain't hard to see. Don't know why I'm taking my time to write this stupid ass song, cause girl your already long gone, maybe I should just try n move on? Your the first girl I ever gave my heart to, I didn't mean to hurt you. I'll never let you go, Just so you kno....

"At night in my window I see a silhouette Crying heavy tears look how wet my pillow gets Throughout my days I don't smile I just get upset And since you left look at all the shit that it affects I take a picture of your face and I just hold it up Kiss it, then reminisce on when it was both of us It's hard for me to open up, I'm always talking to myself But to nobody else Some say that church or maybe counseling could probably help But they don't know about all of my idiotic lies All the fucking times I left you traumatized Swore up and down to you saying I'm a try And never did, I try not to cry but I feel bad I didn't apologize"

"There's nothing you can say Some things just can't be fixed Every word sounds the same It's such a shame Such a bittersweet kiss I can't sleep I wish it was your fault But I can't say that you were wrong No, there's no one I can blame We knew it couldn't last Still we held on far too long It's much too late To be sorry for it all"

I try to walk away but somethin keeps on hauntin me, she says shes goin but i kno tha she dont wanna leave and when i look into her eyes its like adultery ... they keep on tauntin me, im thinkin tha i oughta leave.
and every now n then i kno tha it dont mean a thing, i made mistakes and say i quit but i dont seem to change .. im in the wrong and i dont think ill admit cuz when i look into your eyes im finished