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Japan Rocks too!!


Just that, perfect for a good headbang time. A lite bit of all. The important is not the language, is the sound. Try it!! ;)

25 tracks
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This is rad, every good anime i've ever watched had theme songs just like this.. So glad i found these guys xD

They also did redemption from final fantasy dirge of cerebus :3

Es muy bueno, no es mucho mi estilo, y no le entiendo ni madre pero esta bastante bien, checate a :japanese-v-rock" rel="external">
esta en mis favoritos, me gusta, si tienes mas, sigue creando, i'm also an old fuck't up drummer and wordst bass player in the world but I love music, thank you for making my work day much better,

Hola, gracias, escuché el playlist, y si, tiene tracks muy buenos, del estilo "old school visual kei" gracias por la recomendación n.n Casi toda mi música es rock-metal asiático pero no tengo mucho tiempo de subir cosas. I love music too, I'll upload more songs, thank to you \m/ ;3 Really a drummer and bassist? *-* amazing!! I'm just a frustrated rocker haha