Melodisk Kaos
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There is no "god" in this world.


And if there was, I wouldn't believe you.

A nice track to play when playing Cards Against Humanity with your friends.

Please comment songs so I can make this the best.

  • Route 110 by Mori'ichi Aoki
  • Mii Channel by DUDEitsGABBIE
  • Gangnam Style (Music video) by PSY
  • Tight Pants/Body Rolls by bedarnski
  • YMCA by The Village People
  • Go! Go! Carlito by Carlito
  • Big Shake Commercial Song by Amaguli
  • Trap Doors by Flow And The Mingos
  • Tay Zonday Chocolate Rain by clocksaregay
  • Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf by Hamiltwan
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