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pretty sure i'm born in the wrong decade


tracks from rock bands like Blur, The Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Roses... now let's bring back the 80s', bitches!

not in any particular order so might be a bit effed up but i will be adding more and fixing gradually, please notify me if a track is missing or effed up, thanks!

21 tracks
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*high-fives* Of corse I recognize him!!!! The outsiders is my favorite book and movie. It makes me feel that I was born in the wrong generation, too. XD

@chonse 1979 is originally by the smashing pumpkins and that was the song i intended to add but while on the search of that song on soundcloud i stumbled upon a remix of it and until now i still don't know who the artist is.. i'm so sorry but i'm trying to find them and hopefully once i do i will tell you :D