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another mirror, pt i: dale cooper


And as for you: the mirror has let you down, you… and not you say ‘Where have I left my face?’
- Mahmoud Darwish from “If You Find Yourself Alone”

playlist art is rene magritte’s the false mirror

10 tracks
2 comments on another mirror, pt i: dale cooper

The cover art is a nice choice. First I thought it was fan art of Cooper, then I saw it was by that old surrealist Margrirtte and called "False Mirror". I saw why that was and laughed.

@jervistetch7 Thank you!!! Yeah, the piece is very "grabbing" for this context. I first saw it as the cover to a film theory book by Vivian Sobchack called /Carnal Pleasure/ & I can't resist the opportunity to reccomend it! Especially to Twin Peaks fans given the how complex and truly affecting the series is. Cheers!