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~*+*~ counting stars ~*+*~ ACT 1


I love Giripan and all, but we need a track all about Greece. And all his assets. His pasts, his sorrows, and everything he knows about tomorrow.

The only thing he knows, is he'll be counting stars.

This playlist takes you through Greece's past, and it's simply the beginning of this three act playlist grouping

  • 13 Cherubic Hymn. Greek Chant by UNC-RAW
    Act 1; The Past- begin
  • Hymn To Zeus (Original Composition For Lyre in the Ancient Greek Dorian Mode) by Michael Levy Music
  • Following Your Footsteps by PoloLoungeProductions
  • Christina Aguilera (cover by ahimsaghbrn) by Oh Mother
  • One More Day by Diamond Rio
  • Smooth Criminal (cover) by Delmos Wade
  • Only Fear Of Death(Omni's Furious Anger Mix) by yotimyo
  • Acoustic father of Mine (Original) by Saferme
  • God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash
  • Self Reliance by Tristan Stewart 4
    Act 1; The Past- fin.
10 tracks