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15 years?! Not bad Rock n' Roll...


32 rock songs. 2 year defining songs from each year from 2000 to 2015.

track list -

note - some songs may have been released an earlier year than their annotation, but they did not become popular or really hit any charts until the annotated year.

26 tracks
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I have adored your playlists for ages. I listen to them when I'm doing menial tasks and when I'm doing some of the most difficult creative work I have. I can't say how much you've helped me. I hope you continue to make these playlists because I will still be listening. Oh and here's a request- a playlist for rebellious catholic schoolgirls. It's completely optional. Have fun with your amazing taste in music and your interesting mind. Thanks, melodyem

@melodyem My dearest, thank you thank you thank you. I;m over the moon knowing you enjoy this. I love music and making playlists and love it even more when people enjoy listening to them. I will certainly make you one, this theme sounds so badass of course I must! Thanks again for making my day, friend! <3