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Stars Are Only Visible In Darkness


Sometimes girl has blood in her veins
she does not think hers. Everyday, her only
obsession: how will she make it out alive?
This hum running through her, this malignant
potential - is a promise she will not
always crawl out from the wreckage.
One day she will not stumble home.
Some days she just wants it to be over,
but even her most unlikely wounds clot.
How much is too much? Ask her - does it hurt?
She will say of course, of course. She’ll whisper
her worst trauma - she always survives.

Requested by Vixxismydrug

19 tracks
2 comments on Stars Are Only Visible In Darkness

I was actually wondering if you could do another one for me. This female character is kind of an angelic, savior type person for our main. She's a good person that's caught up with a lot of bad people, and has some demons of her own. Though, she's helping our main chase hers away. She's also a bit of a good girl that's afraid if she does anything out of line that her past will come running up to her.