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Dancing in the Dark [Lestat/Louis]


This is a Lestat/Louis (Vampire Chronicles) fanmix created for the vcsecretgifts Valentine's exchange on Tumblr.

Track list:
Fanart credit - (She does commissions and is insanely talented! Go check her out and definitely think about commissioning something.)

11 tracks
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ok, so i know this playlist was made for someone else, but i found it on tumblr, and i love it (i became like a puddle of tears on the floor over it), and i just wanted to thank you, it's awesome ~

@power_and_control Thank you! It was my Secret Valentine gift for a specific person, but one of the premises of the gift exchange is that the gifts are shared with everyone. :) It's always refreshing to see a bunch of VC fanworks pop up, since our fandom isn't the largest. Thank you for your compliments. I'm glad you liked it. <3