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The Sound of Focus


Over an hour of instrumental soundtrack songs to help you focus in on that essay, studying for that test, or whatever you need to be doing right now instead of wasting time on 8tracks :)

39 tracks
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Thank you so much for including the Avengers theme! I was so happy when I heard it. Avengers and BBC Sherlock have some of the best theme songs ever!

The Irishness of this playlist makes me feel so happy! :D And the fact that there is LoTR, Tangled, Narnia and Brave in it - double happy! Haha. *Also I need to say that "Hoppipolla" is composed by Sigur Ros, not Wenzel Templeton & Robert Pegg.*

one of the best playlists ive heard on 8tracks that actually got me through all my homework. thx so much, ur amazing!