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Athos' College Mixtape


Aramis has suggested that they all make mixtapes while in college and these are the results. Part 4 of 5. These are songs I think they would have picked.

These are inspired by the idea of the Musketeers in college from the fic Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno by cherryfeather.

Also, please excuse my dumb photoshopping.

8 tracks
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Thank you!! It's cool if you don't, I didn't mean to pressure you lol. It's just that you just have such a good feel for the characters that I thought it would be fun to see it with some humor but don't worry about it lol ☺️

@jasmeenflower omg wow it means a lot that you think i have a feel for the characters!! i'm always worried that things are really out of character. i'm not sure when i might get around to it but i'll definitely try to work on something. it might be like a big compilation of songs for all of the characters and there's no guarantee on whether it will be any good or funny or not lol and nah you're not pressuring me omg!! i love all of these characters!! ^ ^