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Be Here Now.

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I was blind, so to rest my fresh laid eyes, for now I see, and hurt-squint bright shed whys.

Thank you, MP. Through the cosmic math of coincidence this was the aural guide accompanying the most universally transformative awakening of my life. You can't know me, but I believe I have a glimpse of you; I have experienced you as a working in the machinery of quantum programming that set forth this event for me across space and time, beginning before any of us were an idea. Thank you for your part. You have co-ordinated in my creation.

Phenomenal mix! I ate an eighth of mushrooms, meditated for a half hour while the shrooms set in. When I started to feel altered I strapped on my headphones, lay in my bed and had an absolute blast! I really enjoyed the snippets of narratives throughout the mix, it made for quite a journey. Thank you for making an excellent collection of quality music.