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the world fell at our feet

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My God, this was just... unspeakably excellent. I mean, this ship is woefully underrated and it's like my Undertale OTP. I really love how tragic and complex these two are, and think they both have a lot of healing and to do, hopefully with each other.

@Esmeia gosh thank you!! i'm really happy you like it so much! i agree, i think their relationship is really interesting and it'd be wonderful to see how they could heal and grow.

ah!!! I'm so glad there's a playlist for these two, they're so great!!! This is such a fitting playlist of their relationship, after they fall out and post game, thank you for this gem!!!

@geetanjoly aaa thank you!! yea i found their dynamic to be really interesting, cause it's about something great completely falling apart and then slowly piecing it back together into something new, you know? that's how i see it. im glad you like the mix!!!