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we are the inquisition

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I liked it until the hip-hop/rap section. It started out emotional and powerful and ended vulgar and unmusical.

@wcneill i mean if you don't like hip hop or rap because of the sound then by all means whatever, but i don't see how it's 'unmusical' or any more vulgar than the other songs i have on here. if by vulgar you mean there's a lot of swearing and it's heavy topics, there's plenty of swearing and dark themes in the other songs i have on here. rap can absolutely be emotional and powerful; angel haze is one of my favorite rappers partly because their stuff comes right from the heart and soul, it's very raw and real. clipping is wonderful too, daveed diggs is an incredibly talented rapper and i thought 'story' was an excellent song for iron bull because it's about how one's duty can break a person, and that doesn't seem shallow or unemotional to me at all. as for gorillaz, they're easily one of the most lyrically artistic bands i know of, and that isn't less so on any of their songs that feature rap. all in all: i don't see how just because a song is rapped instead of sung, that somehow makes it 'vulgar and unmusical'.

@mermakishima , I totally respect that you have different tastes, and also that some rap is music. I don't think vulgarity (think "fuck bitches, the world, get money and do me" ) ever adds to a song. Anger and frustration abound in this life. The stress can push you down into the ground so far you don't think you will be able to stand up against its weight. That does not mean that the way in which we react or express that stress should be callous to any of the individuals around us, or decency. I did like some of the rap on your list, but several songs were over the top, in my opinion. Thank you for the reply!