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all the blame

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Oh man, this is a really Dagur-esque mix. You did a really good job! I particularly liked the Viking Death March, very appropriate. The only thing I didn't really get was The Rake's Song. I can get how Dagur could be applied to that song, but I wouldn't have listened to that and thought of Dagur. What made you pick it, if you don't mind me asking?

@thatoneperson Thank you so much, and of course you can ask! "The Rake's Song" by The Decemberists is from one of my very favorite albums, "The Hazards of Love". I love the song itself too, but I mostly make happy playlists and the song is so twisted and creepy. I felt like this playlist about Dagur's instability was one of the rare times I could use it. I personally thought that while the content was a little weird, the sound of the song itself fit with the general unhinged feeling within the playlist. I make playlists for myself firstly, and I like the song, so I added it (also I may have been looking at some Dagcup fanart while putting this together...). Thanks for understanding, and again, thanks for your comment!! :)

@thatoneperson Additionally, the story of the Rake and all his hatred for his family and his murderous attitude and carelessness regarding other people really did remind me of Dagur. It's not about the lyrics so much as the feeling you get from them, I think. I also considered adding in a song called "Art is Dead" by Bo Burnham. Not because the content is entirely relevant (it isn't), but because it contains the lyrics: "He'll be rewarded / For never maturing / For never understanding or learning / That every day can't be about him / There's other people / You selfish a******". That part does remind me a little of Dagur-- how he thinks that he is deserving of anything he wants. His father's position, someone else's dragon, etc.

@merrygentlemen So apparently I never responded whoops. I could have sworn I did, but my memory is shit so that doesn't mean much. Anyway, I love the lyrics from "Art is Dead" because you're so right. That is 100% Dagur. 150%, even. Your song choice makes more sense now, and I still love this playlist. :)