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mildly destructive puppies

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I absolutely love this playlist! I haven't watched this show yet, but your playlist sounds EXACTLY how I've always envisioned it- cute, happy, fluffy, and with the two main characters as really good friends/a cute ship. This playlist also really opened my eyes- i mean, EARS- to all sorts of music I haven't heard before. (Any suggestions as to where to find other songs of this genre?) Thank you for making this playlist!

@Elrickeyblade Thanks buddy, that means a lot!! This is sort of a mixed genre playlist, but a lot of the electronic/indie songs I found on this site or SoundCloud. It's sort of a process of knowing what I like and going from there? Like I found the Freelance Whales (favorite band ever) because one of the band member's brothers is an actor I like. And there are a couple songs here by The Orion Experience which I had never heard before, but I knew I liked their song NYC Girl and their other songs fit so well!! :) As for other places you can find this music, I'm going to shamelessly promote my other playlists (which mostly do have a similar sound) and just 8tracks playlists in general. Listening to playlists made by people who share my interests is the way I find my favorite songs!