Mescaline Dream
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Two wolves go for a walk.
One of them asks: let me walk in the middle.

~ ~ ~

avant-prog, freak folk, experimental rock, new wave, 80s weirdness, cabaret and other freaky shit

20 tracks
1 comment on H∞0.0ϛpital brut

splendid! kind of the opposite of what i was seeking this morning, which means it completely altered my mood - which is good in this case :) Aksak Maboul started very much like a certain piece by Eric Dolphy...[?] thanks, man :)

@sepiae hence the Norwegian expression - to rock your audacities in opposition to one's mental states. I may not be of Norwegian descent or use many expressions in daily life, but I am glad this mix worked for you that way. Not that of a big connoisseur of Dolphy's jazz jackrabbit's habits, but you did color me curious enough to convince me to dive back into 'em after a long time.

@plapumamplitudine that is indeed good advise, where it works. it worked in this case :) and oh you should; Dolphy requires an intro period for many people, was so for me as well, but once you're caught...