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Random goodies from the stash: Week 2


20 tracks, taken from my 200000+ song collection. There is no rhyme or reason, nor will there be in this series. It will remain completely at the whim of my Winamps shuffle function. You are guaranteed to find new and fascinating music every week, so don't hesitate to check the series out.
Week 1:

20 tracks
2 comments on Random goodies from the stash: Week 2

I love that, in a completely random and shuffled mix, Blue Oyster Cult, Ween and Primus popped in, just as I imagined. Loving this!

They most certainly show. The process is altered slightly by the amount of cross-over material, and will eventually (finger crossed) get trimmed and sorted. Hah. Also, you have an obsession with live albums I don't necessarly share. But I am loving the slow fusion process...