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Songs of Murder and Death - November Working Mix


So November being November, my studio music gets darkity dark dark and probably will get darker through December. I mean, I *like* January! November and December can go die in a fire, though. :/

Anywhoo!! Here's some musics! My playlist is 3.5 hours long as that's about as long as I can stand working on one project before I get up and do something else. :P

I love Child Ballads and I'm pretty sure I've got at least two versions of those in here as well as a muchness of bloody doing's in, a couple of drownings and a handful of Sorrowful Deaths. Ooh! and one tragic X-mess tale! :D :D

Amazingly enough, only two are not in english and neither of those are in japanese. D: Who am I and where's the pod!?!

40 tracks
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