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that one party


It's a party and you're making your way from room to room, perhaps quite a bit tipsy. Some people are dancing, some are talking or drinking or kissing. It'll be winding down soon. This is not about what's on the stereo; this is about a feeling. It's probably 4am, or something. You should go have some pancakes and chamomile tea. Feat. some tracks like Broadcast, Yo La Tengo. First time play through gets a bonus at the end (don't be startled). (Photo by me)

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Every party has a winner and a loser, and when I'm the loser, this is the perfect soundtrack to act as soothing balm to the overstimulation, exhaustion and loneliness. Also, I read the blurb obviously and now I am hungry for pancakes. Damn it.

I <3 this comment. Thanks checking out my mix :) And yes. Mmmm pancakes. (But really, there are no losers, right? Just paths not quite crossing).