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Fighting Spirit


If you want to conquer the world and destroy your boss.
this is epic and that's it.
Perfect to play Diablo III or other epic games

79 tracks
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Love it. By the way, I think your unknown song is Actually Iron[Gucci Vump Remix] by Woodkid. Or at least that is what SoundHound says

Not terrible, but epica doesn't really fit the rest of the music, and You should really switch it up. 5 john williams scores in a row, 4 epica in a row, ect. You can tell even if not looking at the score that the music hasn't changed composer.

Good first try! Epica seem to have a habit of ruining perfectly good choral power-metal with weird imitations of the singers from Disturbed. Consider dropping them out of this mix, they're probably what is pissing off the below posters.