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The Early Years


A playlist for the beginning of a friendship, the first few centuries on Earth, the birth of Britain, arguments about whose side the pagans are on and (UGH) the fourteenth century. A journey through the early years of Aziraphale and Crowley

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@margaritanoir thank you so much! I'm glad I've inspired you - Good Omens is one of my favourite books :) I'm the opposite to you though, this was the book that got me into the wonderful Neil Gaiman :D

Beautiful playlist! I've never read this book even though I love Neil Gaiman. Never read any Pratchett believe it or not. You've inspired me to check it out!

Fantastic concept and great selection. However, incase you were unaware, though the image is marvelous, it does not relate to paganism whatsoever due to the fact that its actually Byzantine architecture and artwork thus Christian :) Maybe you were going for that though, like focusing on the medieval Catholic Church?

@golden_reverie Thank you! :) Yes, I was going for the Christian Medieval theme... I don't know if you realised but this playlist is based on the book Good Omens which is based on Christian mythology and the playlist is supposed to show the idea of Christianity becoming popular and replacing paganism in Britain :)