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Year 8, Queslett North

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I ADORE THIS MIX! Do you have a tracklist or a quick blurb about why you picked each song?? There are some that are obvious to me, but others are less so.

Sorry for the late reply; I'm not on 8tracks very much. Anyway, the "logic" behind my song choices:

"The Golden Planes" reminds me of Anthony leaving his daughter without even a goodbye.
"The Black Hawk War" is how, at the time I made the mix, I thought the separation between the Court and the Forest might have played out.
"Within a Mile of Home" is Kat's return from summer holiday.
"Wolf in the Bend" could apply equally well to Reynardine or Red. "Where is your friend?" indeed.
"Ring of Fire" is about the flashback to Good Hope.
"The Order of Things" is supposed to be Surma's promise to Annie.
"Concentrate" and "Seek Better Counsel" both represent Annie's first meeting with Jones, and the uncertainty generated when Jones seemed to agree with Coyote's claim that "You cannot trust anyone in this place." Also some of the lyrics call to mind Annie cheating off Kat's paper.
"Valdescabres"... Well, back before I started making any of these mixtapes, I would imagine what a film adaptation of GC could be like. In my mind, the ideal soundtrack was a mix of English and Celtic folk with techno. Then I discovered Xera, who played almost exactly the Celtic-techno mix I had imagined, particularly in this specific song. (Although they're of Asturian, rather than UK or Irish, origin.) So I was compelled to use this song in the mix, and I figured it fit the rising tension in the chapter "S1".
"Attack, el Robot!" is the robot bullfight, of course.
"Curiosity", of course, is what gets Annie and Kat caught up in all these shenanigans in the first place.
"Dual Overhead Cam" is about Zimmy. The guitars sound to me like her clouded mind, and the lyrics speak of complete dependence.
"Inda" sounds to me like the events of "Power Station".
"Kicking Bird" is adapted from a plains Indian song, so it struck me as appropriate for Annie's first visit to Coyote.
"Colours" is Annie learning to use the blinker stone.
"Strange Tree" is the flashback to Annie and Kat's parents as students, and the incident with the tree creatures.
"Majesty, Snowbird" is a song I initially associated with Alistair's chapter, but I wasn't able to include it on the previous mixtape where it belonged (nor was I able to include any song about Ali, really—not enough time). "Don't stop. Don't break. You can delight because you have a place," still fits the overall story, I think.
"The Light Princess" is the undercurrent of hope I've always gotten from GC.

You'll notice that, aside from the bookends, my songs all follow the order of events in the story. I got lucky in that regard. In all my other GC mixtapes, I had to break from the story order for the sake of making the songs flow better.