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the cult inside of me

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there's a cult, there's a cult inside of me
form a salt, sprinkle it around me
there's a cult, there's a cult inside of me
form a salt, sprinkle it around me

  • Fall Out Boy by Centuries
    some legends are told // some turn to dust or to gold // but you will remember me // remember me for centuries
  • There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet by Panic! At the Disco
    haven't you heard that i'm the new cancer? // never looked better, and you can't stand it
  • Car Radio (Kourage & Fuego Remix) [FREE DL] by Twenty One Pilots
    i ponder of something great // my lungs will fill and then deflate // they fill with fire // exhale desire // i know it's dire // my time today
  • Saltkin by Purity Ring
    into a blood-bound, cease rounded fury // our bodies will return
  • Running Up That Hill by Placebo
    it doesn't hurt me. // you wanna feel how it feels? // you wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me? // you wanna hear about the deal I'm making?
  • Louder Than Thunder by The Impulses
    i don't think I deserve it; selflessness find your way into my heart. // all stars could be brighter. // all hearts could be warmer.
  • Death Cab For Cutie, I Will Follow You Into The Dark by xikenvasco
    in catholic school as vicious as roman rule // i got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black // and i held my tongue as she told me, // "son, fear is the heart of love." // so i never went back
  • Freaks by The Hawk In Paris
    we’ll have you wrapped around our trigger finger // queen bee yellow, you’re the skin for our stinger // we’ll make you swoon, make it hurt just a little // we’re the boys and the girls and the freaks in the middle
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