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Across Worlds


EDIT: I moved around some tracks and replaced others, because I didn't like the progression of it the way it was.

For a journey across the universe and through the stars... and home again. You have been cold, and alone, and afraid. You have been lost for so long, but you have found things. Things that have frightened you and dazzled you and awed you. Such is the magnitude of the universe, of all universes, that you have only found your way home through home's efforts to find it's way to you. And you are glad. You are glad, and you are unsettled, and you are still so alone.

But you feel that you will not be alone for very long, and you are both afraid and relieved. Only time will tell which feeling is the greater.

This has been Stanford Pines.

*image credit goes to gravity falls wiki

13 tracks
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