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Feeling Good

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Just downloaded some Dispatch and State Radio from Noisetrade. Thanks for the tip! I love these guys - cant wait to see them live.

What a fun mix! I love it. Was especially glad to learn of Jason Spooner. I also liked the State Radio song very much, which reminded me I have been meaning to check them out (and Dispatch, too) ever since I learned of them from that Chadwick Stokes Simmerkane II album I liked so much. I got quite carried away with Dispatch's discography - had to purchase their CD 'Silent Steeples' which I'm loving. Also downloaded (free!) from Amazon Dispatch's new double CD, and another free one on Noisetrade. So lots of new music for me to check out, thanks to your mix. The only bad thing is that since you got me to thinking about State Radio/Dispatch again, it has kept me from listening to your other new mixes and I'm very much looking forward to hearing them, also. Makes me feel like it's Christmas time. That's what I love about 8tracks. Keep 'em coming!

Glad I could return the favor, Kez. I only discovered State Radio because I liked the Chadwick Stokes song on your mix and did a little exploration on Spotify. Looking forward to listening to Dispatch now as well. I was productive recently and put together a few other mixes. I'm especially fond of the new Hardly Strictly Bluegrass mix. HSB is my favorite event of the year and I've already discovered a dozen new bands that I'm looking forward to seeing. Fun trading music with you :)