Mia Wallace
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all dressed up for a hit and run


Playlist inspired by this tumblr post: http://fangirlyness.tumblr.com/post/83702651923/i-want-natalie-in-a-40s-mob-filmwhere-she-plays

#i want natalie in a 40’s mob film#where she plays the loyal wife of a top gangster#until we find out in the end that she’s the head of the entire organisation#and her husband had no idea#and she’s forced to kill him#before riding into the sunset with her second in command#the daughter of her husband’s best friend (who she also killed)#i would like to watch this movie i just made up in my head

13 tracks
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Absolutely amazing! I keep thinking of the phrase "the satin gloved hand of a murder" whenever I listen to this honestly this is my favorite mix to power through essays and papers. Thanks so much for some real amazing work!!