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Seventeen tracks including music by Caribou, Clinic and Crystal Castles that will brand my summer I presume. These songs will remind me of lazy mornings in bed and napping in parks and swimming and house parties and wandering Seattle and my season of loud. And she bounces back, always :).

12 tracks
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(I Hate) Everybody in The Discotheque >> Stereo Total
Sun >> Caribou
So Easy >> Royksopp
Never Follow Suit >> The Radio Dept
Lasagna >> The Knife
I Wanna Be a Mama >> Stereo Total
Lalibela >> Caribou
Vanished >> Crystal Castles
KracK >> Soulwax
Spacewalk >> Starkey
Someone Great >> LCD Soundsystem
Let's Save Tony Orlando's House >> Yo La Tengo
I'll Take Us Home >> Matt and Kim (They make me so happy!)
Eat Your Heart Up >> The Blow
Backside Grind 2 >> Plan B (I simultaneously love and hate this song)
Distortions >> Clinic

Anddddddd.....I'm realizing I can top this mix