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3 comments on Français

:) I love Come to Me by him too, it was the first song I heard from him. He says "me" sooooo wonderfully, cute cute. I love the video for Ondulé too for some reason, he's just so nonchalantly fierce.

Wow, this blows my French mix out of the water. You're right, Boogaerts is great, especially that second song of his.

Ondulé >> Mathieu Boogaerts
Not Afraid >> Mister Modo (Featuring Jessica Fitoussi)
Touche-Moi >> Stereo Total
La Gadoue >> Jane Birkin
Intimate >> Appaloosa
Je Veux Te Voir (Club Club Version) >> Yelle
Girl Scouts Cookie > Mister Modo
Come to Me >> Mathieu Boogaerts
Matt Dillon >> Constance Verluca
Le Toi Du Moi >> Carla Bruni
Fantasy >> Appaloosa
Those Dancing Days are Gone >> Carla Bruni
Les Trois Copains >> Constance Verluca