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Gentle and Strong Souls


Ten tracks including music by Lake, Beirut and CANT for fellow souls who refuse to be anything other than kind, BUT are also rock-solid strong, and independent-minded. Good things happen to good people, karma takes care of the rest. Life gets lovelier and lovelier everydayyyy. I'm really happy with how much I've grown and I like who I'm becoming, celebrate these moments. Good, happy, thoughtful songs to accompany this chapter of my life. More powa', huh!

12 tracks
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Empire State of Mind >> Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
Walk In the Park >> Beach House
Glistening Smiles >> Fergus & Geronimo
Psychic City >> Yacht
Nothing to Worry About >> Peter Bjorn & John
After the Curtain >> Beirut
Breathing >> Lake
Soft Rock Star >> Metric
Beauty >> Kristoffer Ragnstam
Ghosts >> CANT
Catherine the Waitress >> Teitur
Cocaine Afternoon >> Organ Morgan
Brother Sport >> Animal Collective