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Some days are just there to make the next seem better


Thirteen tracks including music by Beach House, Beck and Belle and Sebastian that I like to listen to when my serotonin levels are running a wee bit low. You are strong and wonderful and the world in beautiful, have your moment then bounce right back up after this mix!

12 tracks
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This mix has all of my favourites! My favourite CocoRosie song, my favorite Morning Benders song, my favourite Beach House song (I saw them live! They're great.). And then some that I haven't heard but totally love. Thank you! :)

Silver Soul >> Beach House (of course)
Stitches >> The Morning Benders
Together and Down >> Benoit Pioulard
I Get Lonesome >> Beck
Say Yes >> Elliott Smith
Beauty >> The Shivers
Totally Confused >> Beck
Twilight >> Elliott Smith
By Your Side >> Cocorosie
The Fox in the Snow >> Belle and Sebastian
Window Bird >> Stars (somewhat of a guilty pleasure song)
Too Much Time >> John Vanderslice
You Can Fall >> Broadcast