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The Other Woman


Broadcast, Karen O & The Kids, Broken Social Scene and other artists in a mix for purging emotions after a crumbled relationship. Yeahhh, everyone of these songs made me cry last week. Oh emotions. But, it's best to just feel it and get it out. You MUST alternate between this mix and this:
> http://8tracks.com/michellehenley/abandoning-the-male-gaze
or else you'll be an utterly sad lost mess :/ lol learned this the hard way.

18 tracks
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Track List:
Oh How I Miss You >> Broadcast
Change of Heart >> El Perro del Mar
Worried Shoes >> Karen O & the Kids
Sentimental Heart >> She & Him
No One's Gonna Love You >> Band of Horses
Lover's Spit >> Broken Social Scene
Little One >> Beck
We're Both So Sorry >> Mirah
Wonderwall >> Oasis (semi-embarrassed by using this song lol)
All Good Things Come to And End >> Nelly Furtado
Who You Gonna Run To >> Solid Gold
Ending Start >> Metric
Love Will Tear Us Apart >> Joy Division
Transatlanticism >> Death Cab for Cutie
Shed Your Love >> The Helio Sequence
Love That Boy >> The Innocence Mission (cried like a bébé to this song)
Are You Coming With Me? >> Illinois
Snow Globe >> Kristin Allen-Zito
Sæglópur >> Sigur Rós
Our Way to Fall >> Yo La Tengo